Random Facts About Me

Let’s get to know each other!

Here are 20 facts about little old me.

1. I’m 26 years old

2. I’m the oldest of four

3. Happily married

4. Mother of two little girls

5. Psychology graduate

6. I tend to avoid confrontations

7. Tea addict

8. Multilingual: English, Dutch & Somali

9. Extremely indecisive

10. I love reality tv shows, I sadly admit

11. Unhealthy obsession with awesome tv series such as “Pretty Little Liars” etc.

12. I hate most vegetables, worse than a child

13. I adore baking, I wish I was a pastry chef

14. I am very shy with people I don’t know very well

15. I don’t cuss (in front of people)

16. I love to read

17. Helpless optimist

18. Most horrible directional sense

19. Obsessive organiser

20. I wear my heart on my sleeve


I thought this might be a fun way to get started! Do comment below and tell me about yourself!

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