About me

Welcome! My name is Muna Ali and I’m the face behind Simply Muna, a place where you can find simple and delicious recipes, mummy talk and all things lifestyle. I’m 27 years old and happily married. We have two beautiful little girls under the age of 4.

About the blog

I started this blog while on maternity leave. You know, it makes you think and question things when you’re off from work for 9 months. I finally decided to go for it, and it got me here, where Simply Muna was created. Like, where have you been all my life?

My aim is to inspire, motivate and encourage others. Through this blog, I will share some of my recipe creations that have become family favourites as well as the products that I support. Everything that I share here is always from my own personal experience. This is my journey, finding happiness in the simplest of things in life.